Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs

Date of Establishment and Location

On 23 March, 1983, at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo.

The reason in the past that lead to the establishment Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs

In order for the young generation to express their views freely and independently and also to present the same to the Government and the administration as it was necessary to have an organization of their own which expands from the rural level to the national level, Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs which was the national level organization of the youth society/club programme launched under the directives of then His Excellency the President J.R. Jayawardana, has been established.

Flag of Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs

In a background of orange colour, the emblem of youth clubs where a young male and a female wielding a bunch of paddy and a torch also preceded by the National Youth Services Flag is featured in the Youth.

Organizational Structure of Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs

National Youth Day - 23rd day of the month of May

Based on the day, 23 March, 1999, on which the Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs was established, 23rd May has been declared the National Youth Day.

Youth Club

The domain (authorized area) of a youth club would be the Grama Niladhari Division and the youth with the age group of 13-19 shall obtain the membership of youth clubs. At a general meeting a staff of 09 officials is selected and Youth Services Officer shall be the Head of Staff. (Any information regarding the establishment of youth clubs or any other details pertaining to youth clubs shall be obtained by meeting the Youth Services Officer at the relevant Divisional Secretariat on Wednesdays.)

Affirmation of Youth Club

I, being member of youth clubs, hereby undertake to act based on the four fold assertions of unity, friendship, cooperation and development.

The First Youth Club
  • Established on - 03 June, 1979

  • District - Kegalle

  • Electoral Division - Dadigama

  • Grama Niladhari Division - Algama

  • Name of the Youth Club - Niwahal

Acts Conferring Authority to Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs
  • Under the establishment and registration of Youth Organizations stated in Section 5 (2) C of National Youth Services Act No: 69 of 1979, Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs has been established as a youth organization.

  • By the Gazette Notification dated 30.05.1979 and under the Section 31 (9) (A) Inland Revenue Act No: 28 of 1979 the Federation has been declared as an accredited charity organization.

  • Under the Section 02 of Voluntary Social Service Organization Act No: 137 of 1980, the Federation has been registered as a social services organization under the registration No: 11/4/1/515/85.

Functions carried out by Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs
  • Developing the leadership capacities of the youth

  • Developing sports skills

  • Improving of Art skills

  • Implementation of programmes to create national and religious reconciliation and co-existence

  • Implementation of social welfare programmes

  • Direct intervention in youth problems of the country

Benefits provided to Youth through Youth Clubs
  • Leadership training

  • Opportunity for local and international youth exchange programmes

  • Youth Parliament

  • Opportunity to participate in Announcer’s pool

  • Personality development

  • Programmes for promoting national and religious coexistence and reconciliation

  • Guidance for job training

  • Creating opportunity to improve sports skills through National Youth Sports Festival

  • Creating opportunity to develop Art skills through Youth Awards Competition.

  • Providing employment opportunities through NYSCO Youth Cooperative Societies Appraising the youth with special abilities/talents through Youth Got Talent programme

The Beneficiary Group/Who will be benefitted
  • Youth Club membership between the age group of 13-29, distributed across the Island

Method of Providing Benefits
  • The participation of youth in these programmes will be done through the awareness programmes carried out across youth including the Youth Services Officer who would be in charge of youth affairs in the relevant Divisional Secretariat and the Chairman of the Regional Board of Youth Clubs.

  • The youth are affiliated to the programmes representing Divisional Secretariats at district level.

  • Youth will be selected in such a manner that they will be distributed district wise at the national level.

Membership will be awarded benefits through Youth clubs, Regional Boards of Youth Clubs and District Boards of Youth Clubs

Method of Obtaining Benefits
  • By enrolling in the youth clubs above benefits could be obtained.

Objectives of Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs
  • Taking steps to create a morally accomplished patriotic generation of youth with complete personality and who are dedicated for human development.

  • Building unity, friendship and cooperation within the youth population by gathering them under one organization devoid of all differences such as nationality, cast, religion and political divisions.

  • Creating opportunities for the youth to present their inherent skills and capabilities.

  • Providing youth with the knowledge on the economic, social and cultural requirements related to national development and persuading them for scientific thinking.

  • Persuasion of youth towards the development of Arts, recreational, sports and cultural affairs and the conservation activities.

  • Application of youth labour for development activities of the country and directing the generation of youth towards voluntary services.

  • Adapting the youth towards democratic lifestyle.

  • Utilizing the free time of youth in worthy and productive manner and creating platform for them to present their inherent capabilities and skills.

  • Personality development and leadership training for youth.

  • Providing a training on youth and community development.

  • Encouraging the youth towards strengthening their economy.

Regional Board of Youth Club

The official namely President, Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer, Vice president and Vice Secretary of youth clubs established in one Divisional Secretariat Division, and registered with the Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs, shall be permitted to represent the Regional Federation. By the secret votes/ballets of the youth representing the Regional Federation of Youth Clubs, Regional Board of Youth Clubs shall be elected. The Regional Board comprises staff of 15 officials. The Secretary of the Regional Board shall be the Youth Services Officer in charge of the Divisional Secretariat.

District Board of Youth Clubs

There are 25 administrative districts operating in Sri Lanka and only the Colombo district has been named under 02 separate divisions for the easy handling of administrative matters. As such the activities of the National Youth Services Council are implemented in 26 districts. A District Federation of Youth Clubs is conducted centering a district and it shall be an associate federation. The District Federation of Youth Clubs shall be convened by the District Youth Services Officer of National Youth Services Council and he shall be the Secretary of the federation. Amongst the President or the Secretary of the youth clubs established in the district and registered with Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs and the Presidents, Secretaries and Organizers of Regional Boards of Youth Clubs, the board of official of the District Board of Youth Clubs shall be appointed. The number of officials appointed for a district board of youth clubs shall be 18.

National Board of Youth Clubs

The National Board shall be the supreme organization of Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs. With fifty two (52) youth leaders (02 members from each district) who have come through the ranks by holding the leadership of regional board of youth clubs, 26 Secretaries of the district board of youth clubs (They are the District Youth Services Officers of National Youth Services Council), 09 representatives appointed by the Chairman, National Youth Services Council, and also an officer, appointed by the Hon. Chairman, as the Administrative Secretary to coordinate the activities of National Youth Services Council and Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs, the total number of member of the National Board shall be 89. (together with Hon. Chairman)

The Present Board of Staff of Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs
1.Hon. Chairman --
2.Vice Chairman 1--
3.Administrative Secretary Mr.--
4.Secretary Mr. Shehan Koshila kannangara
5.Vice Chairman II Mr. K.Yshodaran
6.Vice Chairman IIIMr. A.A.Chamara Prasad Amarasinghe
7.TreasurerMs. U.L.S.Hashani Perera
8.OrganizerMr. K.W.J.Praboda Navindra
9.Assistant Organizer Mr. Ravindran Komalaraj
10.Deputy Secretary IMr. A.P.Neranjan Pradeep Wickramasinghe
11.Deputy Secretary IIMr. S.Kushan Madusanka Jayarathne
12.Chairman,Education, Training and Counseling Bureau Miss. S.Shanika Maduwanthi Suraweera
13.Chairman,Planning and Research Bureau Mr. S.M.Shashin Milinda
14.Chairman,National Development Bureau Mr. S. Janagan
15.Chairman,Sports and Diverse External Activities BureauMr. W.Amal Pradeep Navinda
16.Chairman,Cultural Affairs Bureau Mr. T. Umakanthan
17.Chairman,Presentation of Awards Bureau Mr. A.M. Tharindu Navin Kumara
18.Chairman,Foreign Bureau Mr. G.B.Hasith Sandaruwan
19.Chairman,Communication, Extension, and Youth Relations Bureau Mr. T.Vimalaraj
20.Chairman,Social Services and Welfare Bureau Mr. Y.M.Dilanjana Saliya Yapa
21.Chairman,Funds BureauMr. H.P.Gayashan Sachiranga
22.Chairman,Entrepreneurship and Business Development Bureau Mr. R.M.Tharindu Gayan Madusanka
23.Chairman,Earth Conservation Bureau Miss. M.G.Deshani Dilanka Wijesooriya
24.Chairman,Civil Organizations Coordination Bureau Mr. W.K.Janith Vimukthi Akalanka
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