Evolution of youth programmers

The Economic boom seen since late 1970s, witnessed a mammoth revolution in youth affairs in the country which included a number of youth development programs based on national services. One of the key programmes was the train 1000 youth each in number skill categories selected on district basis. Accordingly, vocational training centers were established under the NYSC in Eraminiyaya, Batangala, Ja-ela, Katugampola and Uda aparekka. Whilst conducting youth development programmes of the particular natur. Mean while the youth service council was instrumental in issuing e the first youth postal stamp on 27th April 1978 as a mark of recognition to Sri Lanka youth populace.

The symbolic first great Shamashana camp organized by the NYSC in late 1977 could be cited as the best example of contributing youth labor of Sri Lanka for the national development drives under the Mahaweli Development scheme. As an organization which involves in overall development of youth in country. NYSC held it’s e first drama festival in December 1977 at the john de Silva memorial theatre. In addition the national youth services council. In partnership with the youth Guidance section implemented a number of island wide programe since 1978 to support youth who sare engaged self-employment since 1978.

New training centers were established under the NYSC for giving opportunity for the youth to provide training opportunities in wider range of disciplines covering soft skills. Vocational skills to esthetic skills in line with national objectives. Introduction of the “NYSCO” youth interactive movement, “NYSCO” video unit for training workers in television and photography fields and the “Bellwood” esthetic village and commissioning of youth club movement can be considered as some of the revolutionary steps taken by the NYSC to the revolutionary steps taken by the NYSC to help Sri Lanka youth to develop their full potential in diverse fields.

Since 1968 there have been 21 Chairmen serving the National Youth Services Council

No.Chairman's NameService Period
01.Mr. D.M.P.B. Dassanayake1968 - 1973.06.31
02.Mr. S.D.C. Samaratunga1973.07.01 - 1975.03.01
03.Mr. Leel Gunasekera1973.03.01 - 1975.09.01
04.Mr. P.N.M. Fernando1975.09.11 - 1977
05.Mr. T.O. Devendra1977.04.26 - 1977.08.02
06.Mr. Charitha Ratwatte1977.08.03 - 1989.12.31
07.Mr. A.H. Muzamil1990
08.Mr. Benedict Kumarage1990.02.05 - 1993
09.Mr. Sarath Uduwana1993.06.01 - 1994
10.Mr. Asoka Somaratne1994.06.01
11.Dr.Mrs. H. Kumari Navaratne1994.09.01 - 1996
12.Mr. S.B. Divaratna1996.05.30 - 1996.07.07
13.Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratna1996.07.08 - 2000.11.14
14.Mr.H.A.D.R. Perera2000.11.15 - 2001.05.18
15.Mr. Nandasiri Gamage2001.06.18 - 2001.11.26
16.Mr. Sunil Jayaweera2001.12.07 - 2004.04.15
17.Mr. Neil Bandara Hapuhinna2004.05.26 - 2005.02.26
18.Mr. W.M. Ratnasiri2005 - Overseeing the Chairman's role while being Director Administration
19.Mr. Bhashwara Senanka Gunaratne2006.01.02 - 2010.05.14
20.Mr.Lalith Piyum Perera2010.05.17 - 2015.01.09
21.Mr. W.G.S. Erandika Weliange2015.02.12 - to-date

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