Internal Audit and Investigation Division

Scope of the Internal Audit Division

In order to fulfill the requirements of the F.R. 133 and 134 as per the provisions of the Finance Act No: 38 of 1971, the Internal Audit Unit has been established and in terms of the provisions of the Act, Annual Audit Plan is prepared and the same is submitted to the Auditor General for approval.

Role of the Internal Audit Division
  1. In conformity with the annual audit plan inspecting the development and financial administration matters of all the ten (10) Provincial offices, 26 District offices and 47 training centers and farms of National Youth Services Council.

  2. Preparation of answering reports to 14(2) C and 13(7) A reports issued by the Auditor General as per the provisions of the Finance Act No: 38 of 1971.

  3. Forwarding the observations and answers to the audit queries issued by the Auditor General the Director in charge of the subject, calling answers and submission of relevant reports to the Auditor General.

  4. Preparation of relevant reports necessary for the Committee on Public Enterprises and submission of such reports to the Committee on Public Enterprises.

  5. Enquiring on the progress of the recommendation given in meetings of the Committee on Public Enterprises, preparation of relevant progress reports and forwarding.

  6. Calling Audit and Management Committee meetings, conducting and the submission of relevant recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  7. Preparation of reports on the recommendations given in Audit Management Committee meetings of the line Ministry and participating in such meetings.

  8. Special investigation activities carried out under the directives of the Director General and the preparation of relevant reports.

The role and details of the staff of division
No.DesignationNameTelephone No
1.Chief Internal Auditor ----
2.Chief Internal Auditor Mrs. C.K. Herath072-3403640
3.Audit Officer Mrs. S.M.Vithanage072-5545185
4.Audit Officer Mrs K.P.L.S. Pathirana077-3687215
5.Audit Officer Mr. W.S.M. Sampath077-9550631
6.Audit Officer Mr. P.P.K. Wanniarachchi 071-8875627
7.Audit Officer Mr. P.A.D.A.J. Gunathilake071-8387443
8.Internal Audit OfficerMrs. M.C.K. Ramanayake 071-9371443
9.Management Assistant Mrs. Ganga Ruvinika Kumarasiri-
10.Management Assistant Mr. R.P.R. Dhamma 070-3450387
11.Office AssistantMr. Sampath Rubasinhe 071-6681801
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