Performance Evaluation and Officer Training Division

Observe the Human Resource of the National Youth Service Council with a novel vision and thereby to equip with knowledge, skills and attitudes in terms with the vision and mission of the National Youth Service Council along with new information technology in an efficient and active manner.

Role of the Performance Evaluation and Officer Training Division

  1. Performance Evaluation

  2. Officers Training

  3. Information and Communication Technology Training Program under SSDP Project

Performance Evaluation – Objectives

  1. Evaluate the service of efficient officers of the Institute and to make them to be entitled to incentive benefits.

  2. Creation of a self-motivation to promote the performance of the employees of the Institute and thereby to achieve the objectives of the Institute.

  3. To provide the employees to openly discuss about their official duties along with their Supervisors and to provide guidance relating to rectifying shortcomings.

  4. To prepare methodology enabling the Management to make decisions relating to the employees’ salary increments, promotions, scholarships transfers and training opportunities.

  5. To identify the officers having their performance in a lower level and to find out reasons and propose ways and means for increasing their efficiency.

  6. Officers on District Level and National Level to be brought up for special evaluation.

  7. Ability for facilitating the Administration and Development Process.

  8. Fulfillment of employees’ welfare activities to increase the performance.

Training of Officers – Objectives

  1. To direct the officers for Courses and for Training leading to Youth Development.

  2. To take action for employee motivation.

  3. Development of Institutional Human Resources as necessary for the achievement of Institutional Vision, objectives and goals.

  4. To absorb New Technology and Information for the Institution.

  5. Development of Officers knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  6. Development of new Institutional tendencies.

  7. To obtain efficient and quality services within the Institute.

Payment of Academic Fees

Payment of Course Fees will be e for the for the study programs followed by the officers relevant to the career with the intention of developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the Staff engaged in service in the National Youth Service Council.

Tamil Language Course for NYSC staff Members – Exam result sheet

2016 Staff Evaluation Final Marks

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