Planning and Development Division


Maximum performance.


Uplifting the institutional performance through proper planning of establishment matters and the guidance for implementation.

Strategic Objectives
  • Augmentation of professionalism of the staff

  • To be engaged in efficient and productive activities.

  • Completely covering the scope of the division.

Our Values
  • Professionalism.

  • Confirmation of Employee Values.

  • Acting diligently and as a one team.

  • Cooperation amongst divisions and regional offices.

  • Customer satisfaction.

Role of the Division
  1. Preparation of Plans

    1. Preparation of Corporate Plan.

    2. Preparation of Annual Development Plan.

    3. Preparation of Action Plan.

    4. Preparation of District Plan.

  2. Matters concerning the preparation and approval of project reports related to youth development.

  3. Conducting surveys regarding youth development and preparation and submitting of survey reports.

  4. Developing the library at Maharama center and distribution of library books for district and training centers.

  5. Matters related to the progress.

    1. Preparation of weekly progress.

    2. Preparation of monthly progress.

    3. Preparation of quarterly progress.

    4. Holding Progress meetings of Head of Divisions.

    5. Holding Provincial Officers discussions.

    6. Holding Regional Officers discussions.

    7. Preparation of Annual Reports.

Preparation of Corporate Plan.
Negotiated Provincial Officer.
Regional Officer discussion.
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