Special Project Division

4th youth parliament

4th parliament Election Date:2016.12.18
No of Candidates:916
No of Election Polling center:661

Democratic Election Process

  • 160 Members are elected through a democratic election process in Electoral Division

  • To take part in the election Process, It is Mandatory that the candidates are representing the youth clubs of their localities.

  • The candidates are voted for by the members of the youth clubs based on their leadership qualities and community services.

The Interview Process

65 members, Selected through a highly competitive interview process, based on their academic qualifications and other special skills.


  1. To provide opportunities for Sri Lankan youth to understand and exchange experiences about national reconciliation and conventions and through their involvement in the field of youth development to be able to exchange their experiences with youth from overseas.

  2. To provide opportunities founded on education, sports, culture, recreation activities, togetherness, and co-existence in order to improve the reciprocal understanding among youth.

  3. To obtain the views of the youth on the national development profile by engaging them in dialogue.

  4. To create awareness among youth on the importance of building a new generation that is not addicted to alcohol.

Effective period

Initial organizational activities January to March 2017

Implementing the programme March – April 2017

Youth participation
Youth club members:5500
Representatives of other youth organizations:200
School student leaders:200
Youth from overseas:100


Providing guidance and assistance to encourage youth who show a desire to identify and take an active part in urban and rural social development projects.


  1. To create opportunities for youth engaged in social projects to develop their leadership abilities and commit themselves voluntarily to rural and urban social development projects.

  2. To strengthen their future through creating acceptance and being considered valuable assets across the village, town and all of society.

  3. To create opportunities for youth aspiring to enter politics, to make their contribution to development activities in the area through the ministers of the youth parliament.

  4. To provide guidance to activate social development projects by creating opportunities to identify projects and providing assistance in order to encourage youth clubs and youth club leaders.


According to the National Youth Service Act No.69 of 1979

  • To encourage competition and a sense of achievement among youth.

  • To encourage cultural, literary, and artistic activities among youth.

  • To identify youth with special abilities and having honed their skills to raise them to the national level.


  • To improve the special talents of youth and guide them to the national level.

  • To train them to face competition.

  • To provide guidance to develop the knowledge of competitive areas and show how to develop individual talents.

  • To guide youth towards the development of their personality by providing opportunities to improve their knowledge, attitudes, and talents.

  • To make them individuals with economic and social values.



  • To introduce youth having a talent for music, to the national stage.

  • To create opportunities to display their talents in competitive environments.

  • To provide opportunities to ensure their future success through economic development.

  • To encourage the modern generation to protect the value of music.

  • To provide opportunities to make achievements at international level through the creation of quality modern musical renditions.

  • To increase the earnings potential of the National Youth Services Council through the provision of music groups for government as well as non-government festivals.

Target group - Youth Diploma holders having special skills in Fine Arts / Music and Orchestral fields in the age group 18 – 29 years.

Anticipated participation :- 40 youth

විශේෂ නර්තන කණ්ඩායම

සේවය - පූර්ණ කාලීනව නේවාසික, වයස - අවුරුදු 18-29 අතර

සුදුසුකම් - අ.පො.ස.(සා.පෙළ) හා අ.පො.ස.(උ.පෙළ)

සම්පුදායික නර්තන ශිල්පීය හැකියාව ,සම්ප්‍රධායික වාද්‍ය භාණ්ඩ වාදනය කිරීමේ හැකියාව සමඟ නිර්මාණාත්මක නර්තන හැකියාවන් වලින් සමන්විය යුතු අතර නර්තන ශිල්පීන්ගේ උස අඩි 5 අඟල් 4 හා නර්තන ශිල්පීනියන්ගේ උස අඩි 5 අඟල් 2 ක් විය යුතුය.

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