Existence of a multi talented, discipline and dynamic youthpopulation in a country is always considered a treasure which helps developmentof the particular country. As such every country gives a special recognitionfor the country’s youth. Sri Lanka too places utmost importance on thecountry’s youth to achieve her ambitious development targets in social andeconomic spheres.

Hence, Youth of Sri Lanka are also having an undertaking foreconomic and social upliftment of the country. It is important to inculcate selfreliance in youths and directing them towards winning over those goals. TheNational Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka has been established with the aimof guiding the Sri Lankan youth in the proper direction to enable them to empower themselves to the fullest potential whilecontributing to nation’s prosperity.

The Youth Services Council was established under the VolunteerNational Youth Services Act No. 11 of the year 1967 and was revised by the ActNo. 52 of 1968. Over the years, activities of the Youth Council were expandedbeyond volunteerism and subsequently the scope was revised again under theYouth Services Council Act No.69 of 1979 giving the status of a fully pledgedyouth development organization.