Youth Cooperative and Business Development Division

Main Objectives of the Division

As specified in 4 (a.) of National Youth Services Act

In order to provide gradual employment opportunities for youth by constructively investing funds on a long term policy basis with the aim to strengthen the economic arrangement of the Government, are the main objectives of this Division.

Date of Initiation of the Division - 2015.07.01

Functions of the Division
  • Implementation of activities in collaboration with the national, district and regional organizations of the Cooperation through proper coordination of the activities of NYSCO Cooperative Society and youth development activities of the Council.

  • Enlisting the participation of the officers of Youth Services Council, supervision, progress review and all the relevant coordination activities for the programmes related to the progress and the extension of the Youth Cooperation.

  • Planning of programmes to obtain financial facilities from commercial banks and other financial institutions for the NYSCO membership to initiate self-employment and business ventures and implementing them in collaboration with NYSCO Cooperation.

  • Planning and implementation of various programmes to popularize the cooperative concept and to promote cooperative activities amongst the youth.

  • Implementation of activities in collaboration with NYSCO Cooperation to promote the habit of saving amongst the youth.

  • Planning and implementation of entrepreneurship training, technology exchange and market promotion programmes to guide the youth towards the business field.

  • Planning and implementation of programmes to provide youth business services under one roof, through establishment of (YES) centers at district level to provide all the necessary services including the supply of information for youth to initiate, expand and develop business ventures, providing advices, guidance and follow up activities.

  • Identification of new business opportunities for youth and implementation of programmes in collaboration with the Small Enterprise Development Unit, and the institutions such as Export Development Board and Industrial Development Board which provide technical services and taking measures to attract and encourage youth for income generation activities in the business field through the introduction of training programs and other support services.

Projects Implemented by the Division
  1. Entrepreneurship training programmes

  2. Director Board training programmes

  3. Financial Literacy Programes

  4. Self-employment related programmes

  5. Business advisory service

  6. Assisting the Youth Service Cooperative Societies

  7. Implementation of loan schemes to provide financial facilities necessary for the initiation of self-employments and businesses

  8. Assisting the young entrepreneurs to identify the market

Programmes planned to be implemented in the year 2017
  1. 1. Business Technology School

  2. Processing and sale of local food varieties (Hela Bojun)

  3. Training on fish related products

  4. Entrepreneurship training

  5. NYSCO development activities

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