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Information And Communication Technolory Technician

The National Youth Service Council has initiated several Course programs to enable the youth to develop their skills while also providing an opportunity to achieve their future job aspirations. Quantity Surveyor will give you theoretical knowledge as well as job oriented practical that is necessary for employment and higher education. This is a full time course which will be held on weekdays.


Course Overview

  • 1. Maintain Files and Folders
  • 2. Perform word processing
  • 3. Prepare spreadsheet
  • 4. Prepare presentations
  • 5. Maintain databases
  • 6. Perform internet and electronic mail operation
  • 7. Install and configure operating system
  • 8. Conduct installation and troubleshooting of network
  • 9. Develop graphics for online / print media
  • 10. Design and develop static web pages
  • 11. Develop basic software solution