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4th youth parliament

4th parliament Election Date : 2016.12.18
No of Candidates : 916
No of Election Polling center : 661

Democratic Election Process

  • 160 Members are elected through a democratic election process in Electoral Division

  • To take part in the election Process, It is Mandatory that the candidates are representing the youth clubs of their localities.

  • The candidates are voted for by the members of the youth clubs based on their leadership qualities and community services.

The Interview Process

65 members, Selected through a highly competitive interview process, based on their academic qualifications and other special skills.




According to the National Youth Service Act No.69 of 1979

  • To encourage competition and a sense of achievement among youth.

  • To encourage cultural, literary, and artistic activities among youth.

  • To identify youth with special abilities and having honed their skills to raise them to the national level.


  • To improve the special talents of youth and guide them to the national level.

  • To train them to face competition.

  • To provide guidance to develop the knowledge of competitive areas and show how to develop individual talents.

  • To guide youth towards the development of their personality by providing opportunities to improve their knowledge, attitudes, and talents.

  • To make them individuals with economic and social values.




  • To introduce youth having a talent for music, to the national stage.

  • To create opportunities to display their talents in competitive environments.

  • To provide opportunities to ensure their future success through economic development.

  • To encourage the modern generation to protect the value of music.

  • To provide opportunities to make achievements at international level through the creation of quality modern musical renditions.

  • To increase the earnings potential of the National Youth Services Council through the provision of music groups for government as well as non-government festivals.


Target group - Youth Diploma holders having special skills in Fine Arts / Music and Orchestral fields in the age group 18 – 29 years.

Anticipated participation :- 40 youth


Special Dance Team

Service - Full time Resident, Age - 18-29 years

Eligibility - GCE (O / L) and GCE (A / L)

Traditional choreography should include creative dance skills with the ability to play traditional instruments, and the height of the dancers should be 5 feet 4 inches and the height of the dancers 5 feet 2 inches.