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Poson Kalapaya

  • June 4, 2023
  • 10.00AM - 10.00PM

The Poson Kalapaya held from the 02nd  of June to the 04th  of June at the National Youth Center, Maharagama

“Anubudu Wandana Thurunu Poson Kalapaya”, jointly organized by the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, National Youth Services Council, and the Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs was held on the 02nd , 03rd , and 04th  of June 2023 at the Maharagama, National Youth Center and the exhibition of Ancient Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha existed in Sri Shakya Sinha Suganda Kutiya of the Nelligala International Buddhist Center was opened to the devotees at the National Youth Center premises on the 02nd of June with the patronage of Mr.Pasindu Gunarathna, the Chairman/ Director General of the National Youth Services Council. 

The Dharma Chanting was commenced at 8.00 am on the 03rd of June by the Chief Priest of Rathnapura, Ven. Wathura Kumbure Dharma Keerthi Sri Mangala Dharmarathnabhidhana Thero and a “Dunthel Bath Dansala” was also held from 7.00 pm onwards at the National Youth Services premises.

In addition, the “Poson Baethi Gee” event presented by the Trainees of the National Youth Services Council was held daily and a “Sago Dansala” and an “Ice Cream Dansala” were held on the 04th of June at 6.00 pm onwards by the Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs , and by the Dehiwala Training Centre respectively for the devotees.

To mark this event, Mr. Manula Chamal Perera, the Director (Administration), Mr. Rashitha Delapola, the Director (Training), Mr. Manjula Vidaanaarachchi, the Director (Development), and Mr. Priyantha Jayaratne, the Deputy Director have participated.