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Today Is The International Youth Day

  • August 12, 2022
  • 10.00AM - 10.00PM

Today is The International Youth Day

The Youth takes the lead every time the motherland faces a crisis. May the adult community in Sri Lanka be able to read the hearts of the youth community of nearly 5.5. million. Let’s allow them to build their world rather than making them create the world that we want. Gaining victory for their motherland should be their struggle. Youth has a color, and it is a great spectrum. Do not limit them to one particular color. They will color the motherland like a rainbow. Let’s train the Youth to bear the Summer and to feel the Spring. Let them feel that this is their country. In the era when a New Youth Culture is being formed, let’s make them the driving force of the motherland. Let’s gather Youth Energy. Let’s build a Bright Future.

Marking The International Youth Day, I invite all the Young People to gather with the National Youth Services Council. It is your property and the place of Youth to achieve victory.


Ravindra Samarawickrama

Chairman/ Director General of Youth Affairs

National Youth Services Council